Contextual Studies – Sports, Military & Rubber – Science Museum Visit Thursday 4th December

November 27, 2014

Dear All

Here is the brief for your visit that I promised.  It is also downloadable from the Lecture Schedule page on MyLearning.

Sports, Military & Rubber: Fashion & Science

 Science Museum Visit – Thursday 4th December


‘Sports, Military & Rubber’ challenges you to think about the relationships between science, technology and fashion.



How have developments in science and technology inspired and supported developments in fashion design? What current technologies do you think will influence fashion design into the 21st Century?


You should visit the following exhibits at the Science Museum:

  1. ‘Making the Modern World’ (Ground Floor)
  2. 3D: Printing the Future (Ground Floor)
  3. ‘Challenge of Materials’ exhibition (First Floor), especially:  Thomas Heatherwick’s Materials and Kyoko Kumai’s SEN MAN NA YU TA



Write 500 words (and some images) and upload to the ‘Science Museum’ folder by 15:00 on Wednesday 10th December. We will use these posts as the basis for your seminars on the 11th and these entries will support your research for your assessment.


Some suggested items to consider in the ‘Making the Modern World’ (you might want to think and research the reasons I have included them in this list):

  • Godet of early spinning machine
  • Powerloom
  • Arkwright’s spinning machine, carding machine & water frame
  • Tracy the sheep (human protein in milk?)
  • Dolly the sheep jumper
  • Viscose Rayon (1896-1900)
  • Babbage’s ‘Difference Machine’
  • Apollo 10 command module


The Science Museum: (nearest tube: South Kensington – 5 min walk)

The Main Entrance is on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD.

The Transport for London website can help you plan your journey by public transport.

3rd Year Group C

November 26, 2014

3rd Year Group C fitting next week will now start at 11am on the Wednesday morning. Please arrange your model accordingly. Thanks

Year 2 LIFE DRAWING – Illustration class

November 24, 2014

Dear Year 2,

the life drawing class is now booked for Monday 1st December arrive at  6.45pm to start at 7pm (finish at 9.30)

The address if the venue is Garrett Centre, 117 Mansford Road E2 6LX nearest tube is Bethnal Green

All materials you need are available for free at the class or bring your own! We have easels and trestles for use (at no cost), charcoal, pencils, inks and lots of other bits and bobs. Paper is charged at 15p for A1 acidfree high quality cartridge paper, more often than not we also offer inexpensive newsprint (not acidfree, lightweight grey sketching paper).

THERE ARE STILL PLACES LEFT!! please add your name to the sign up sheet on the notice board in our room. I have managed to book it solely for us but we need as many of us there as possible! The price is only £6. Please bring this with you on the night. We will be tutored by Adrian Dutton who will be running the class! If your name is down PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COME.

Looking forward to it!


Calico now in stock in the Shop downstairs!

November 24, 2014

Dear all,

Good news. Now you can buy calico in the shop!

Medium weight £3.60 per metre.


1st Years Group A

November 24, 2014

Bron is away today, however you will still have your timetabled Tech lessons with Aya. Please still attend at 2pm as normal.




November 21, 2014

ciment pleaters


November 21, 2014

Dear All

Please see information for next weeks Design Assessment.

You are required to submit at 9.30 on the day of your Design tutorial/Fitting the following:

  • Line Up – 6-8 looks, coloured, including fabrics and any references.
  • Designs – Minimum 40 – front and back, stand work, collage etc
  • Fabric/colour – samples, any finishes etc
  • Edited research – a selection of the most relevant references, stand developments – remember we are assessing the interpretation of your research to design.

As i mentioned – I will be away on Monday and Tuesday – groups B and D assessment will take place on Thursday and Friday.

Looking forward to seeing your work!


Whaleys Order

November 20, 2014

If any of you are interested in putting in an order from Whaleys, please email me at If we do a group order, the cost of postage can be shared between all, and Whaleys will offer a 10% discount. I have the forms now, and if people would like to (I need at least 3 students to put through a group order), I can send an order off in the next few days, to arrive for next week. Anyone else who would like more time to think, I can also put in an order in later on, at any time.

Either email, or talk to me in the studio if you’re interested.



November 19, 2014

Dear groups B and D

I have to attend a ucas recruitment fair next Monday and Tuesday, this means i need to reschedule your fittings and assessment.

changes are as follows:

Group B – Thursday 27th November

Group D – Friday 28th November.




Year 1 Forum reminder

November 19, 2014

Dear year 1

Just a reminder of tomorrow’s forum at 1.30pm in G214c.  You will receive important information regarding Barcelona as well as your studies.

See you all there



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