Thursday Session with Alex

February 11, 2016

Dear year 3

Due to unforeseen circumstances Alex will not be in today, he will be back tomorrow as normal.



Yr3 Sign Up Sheets

February 10, 2016

Sheets are in the studio for Alex this week and Christopher next week – please sign up!

Fabric Suppliers Visiting!!

February 10, 2016

THURS 11th FEB 11am

TUES 16th FEB 11am

WEDS 17th FEB 10.30am

Illustrator/photoshop sessions year 3

February 10, 2016
Dear All
This is a strong reminder that Christopher Colville-Walker will be in the Mac Lab on Tuesdays 2-7pm SPECIFICALLY for fashion design students for the next 3 weeks to help with anything digital you may need – this is something you asked for during a forum  so please make full use of his time – it is not acceptable for you to not attend.
Following this he will be in on Tuesdays and Wednesday 2-7 for Fashion Design and Fashion Textiles year 3 students – if there is not an improvement in attendance I will open it as a drop in for all years on all courses.

Sponsorship information Year 3

February 10, 2016

Dear All

there will be a seminar with Ivan to discuss sponsorships for Final collection on Thursday 18th February at 2pm in G214b.

Following this there will be a Forum – attendance is COMPULSORY.




Year 2 Briefing and NOKI project

February 8, 2016


I hope you are all well and enjoying your internships. Really looking forward to reading about your experiences and what you guys are up to.

Ok here is some information (and some homework!) that you should be doing in the run up to you coming back.

YOUR BRIEFING IS ON FRIDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 3pm – you will be recieving your timetable and module handbooks for the Identity project ahead.  Everyone to attend, no exceptions, a register will be taken.

There has been a change to the beginning of your project. Instead of copycat you will be doing a live project with DR NOKI. This is an amazing live project lead by Noki himself and he will be coming in the first 2 weeks of term to teach you guys.

Please research DR NOKI, what he is about, his political message and what drives his work. I am attaching the brief to this post, READ THROUGH IT CAREFULLY as to what is expected of you, and what you need to bring to the workshops. This is going to be a really exciting project that he wants to do with you and will be documented throughout – we are really lucky to have this!

Alongside getting ready for this 2 week Culture Jam, you need to read and get familiar with a book that has inspired his work and his message:

‘CULTURE JAM – How to reverse America’s suicidal consumer binge, and why we must’ by KALLE LASN

This is a short book, and  will really open your eyes to our consumer culture and branding consumption – we want you to read this book and write down quotes and themes that you find really importnat. We want you to bring these ideas to the 2 week project.

PLEASE BUY A COPY OF THIS BOOK! Keep it and refer to it throughout your design careers. Alternatively here is a link to the whole book. We want you to read the whole thing. Focus on the following chapters:

  • Introudction
  • Mood Disorders (page 3)
  • The Cult You’re in (page 51)
  • The Revolutionary Impulse (page 99)
  • The Meme Wars (page 123)


NHS x MDX Noki Project 2016

During this 2 week project you will still be having turorials with me regarding your Identity project, so make sure you bring visuals ready to hit the ground running on the project. There is alot going on as soon as you come back so make sure you are prepared. Get this information out to everyone ASAP!

Looking forward to seeing you all, if there are any questions you have my email address.



Yr3 Photoshop/Illustrator/Digital Portfolio

February 8, 2016

Christopher Colville-Walker is in tomorrow for 3rd Years in the Maclab from 2-7pm! He can help you with Illustrator/Photoshop/Specs/Digital Portfolio, so please make use of this. Sign up sheet is in the studio!!

Research & Writing Support

February 4, 2016

Monday afternoon drop-ins
Support with research and writing
for students of Art & Design, and Media & Performing Arts
Grove Library space (the old noodle bar)
Mondays, 3 to 5 pm

Get Your Assignment Ready with the Learning Enhancement Team (LET)
Help with visual research from subject librarians and MoDA

Bring your questions about:
·        Research for your studio projects and essays

·        Academic writing and language

·        Referencing and using sources

·        Special Collections at Middlesex

·        MoDA

·        Speaking about your (studio) work

There is no need to book, just turn up……although it might be busy, so come early.

What happen in these drop-ins?
You can have short (5- to 10-minute) face-to-face conversions with research and writing specialists about your work.
If you need to have a longer conversion, make an appointment to see these specialists on UniHub ( <> & click ‘Make an Appointment’)

3rd Years – Friday

February 4, 2016

Please remember you have sessions with Peter Thomas tomorrow, Friday 5th. This is not optional so please all attend! G214B

Groups A & B – 1.30-2.45

Groups C & D – 3.15 – 4.30

Digital Textiles

February 3, 2016

Hi All,

The Digital Textiles Workshop will be Closed this Friday 5th February in the Afternoon.

All Printing and  Embroidery bookings/Requests should be made before 1pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Sonia Bienek

Digital Textiles Technician


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