1st Years Tech folder contents

April 26, 2016

Dear all the 1st years,

I hope you are having a little breeze after all the hard work you put into helping 3rd years for their show before it starts again for the press show.

Here is an additional information to the hand in of Tech folder.

The folder must contain;

  • Jetted Pocket
  • Welt Pocket
  • Concealed Zip
  • Zip-centred
  • Zip-exposed
  • 1/4 scale trousers pattern manipulation into your own design
  • Front part of shorts, including Slant Pocket, Fly front and Waistband.

As I mentioned in my last post, you can hand in the folder anytime this week. You can hand in to me or put it in a big box under the cutting table in G214c. I will look through the folders next week.

Thank you.



Yr 3 Final Portfolio Requirements

April 26, 2016

Dear All

You are expected to submit your final collection portfolio and pre-collection portfolio for the external examiner on Friday 6th May at 9am. Please also bring your pre-collection garments.

You should be including the following within your portfolio:

  • Title Page
  • Rationale/written piece about the collection
  • references that convey mood/theme/colour
  • research and development work – edited versions of sketchbook that show your process and journey.
  • Fabrics, sampling and techniques.
  • Line up of 8-10 looks.
  • final illustrations and specs for each.

This should be a substantial body of work, but the majority should already be done, it os a question of editing and re-presenting.

All books MUST be A3 Landscape.

Second Year Contextual Studies – briefing session

April 25, 2016

Dear All

I hope that all is going well with your essays – it has been good to see so many of you for one-to-one tutorials and see the work progressing.  We are looking forward to seeing them this Friday.  Results and feedback will be available from 10am on 20th June, following the exam board.

I want to alert you to an important briefing session on Thursday 5th May at 10am in CG76. In this session, we will be introducing you to your Third Year Research Essay. It is important that you attend as we need your essay proposals written before you head off for the summer with feedback.  We have found this year that students have benefitted from this early feedback and have been able to get the bulk of their essay sorted before it final collection deadlines.  So, we are following the same procedure this year.

We will be inviting some of the current Third Years to come and talk about their essays, so there will be plenty of scope for you to ask questions and fully understand how to get the best out of this module.

We look forward to seeing you then

Catherine, Basia, Emma & Neelam

YEAR 2 Menswear FSH2200 work recall

April 24, 2016

Dear Year 2,

I need all your menswear work in this week for the external examiners visit coming up.

You need to bring in your garments and final portfolio for the project and any samples. Basically whatever you handed in at Christmas for your summative assessment.

I need EVERYONES work by Wednesday the latest. Please bring it with you to your fittings this week, I will have a register to confirm your hand over of the work. No exceptions.

Thank you and Looking forward to seeing you all for fittings.



April 21, 2016


If you need to stitch, get your first toiles stitched up at home etc

1st Years Sewing/ Pattern cutting Book

April 18, 2016

Dear 1st years,

I hope everyone is keeping yourself busy helping 3rd years! If you are free please offer your help to any 3rd years.

I would like to talk about the dead line for the tech book.

If it’s ready, you can hand in anytime from now on. If not please hand in before next Friday.

I will leave a big box under the table in G214c if you can not find me please put your book in there.

Thank you!



No Sublimation Printing

April 13, 2016

As of today, there will won’t be any more Sublimation Printing due to poor print quality.

If you need sublimation printing you can go to bags of love to have this done https://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/transfer-paper.aspx.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Sonia Bienek

Y2 Illustration class & change to next week timetable

April 13, 2016


There is change to next weeks timetable. Group C’s illustration with ALex Noble will now take place on Tuesday in G201 2pm – 7pm. If for any reason this is difficult join another class but just notify Alex when he starts.

Heres a recap of next week:


  • Group A        Illustration 9-2


  • Group B        Illustration 9-2
  • Group C        Illustration 2 -7
  • Illustrator and digital portfolio Drop in Mac Lab (Chris) 2-7


  • Illustrator and digital portfolio Drop in Mac Lab (Chris) 2-7


For your Illustration class with Alex please bring the following:

  • drawing materials, different mediums to work in (paint, pens, pantones, ink etc)
  • different stock papers you wish to work on
  • brushes and mark making tools, glue etc
  • some magazines that you can rip from
  • your identity project and research pages
  • proposed fabrics for your project

Alex will be showing you different ways of working, helping you represent fabric in your illustrations and helping you work to your strengths. This is really important, as you will have illustrations to complete for your portfolio. This is a formal lesson, a register will be taken.

REMEMBER, Chris is also expecting to see all of you in next week for his sessions in the Mac Lab. He is teaching illustrator, portfolio layout, and photoshop. Make use of them!!!




Year 2 Fitting dates

April 13, 2016


Please see the attached file regarding fitting dates. You will notice the majority of you are on your normal tutorial day. Menswear you have been clumped together. Please make a note of the dates as some of them change from week to week.

Fittings dates FSH2300

You will all get 30 min fit time slots. I have put the overall time of the fitting time so you guys can book your models. Time slots are on the noticeboard.

You will need 2 models for the fitting so we can see both looks side by side. Please make sure girls are a size 8/10 (not too large on the bust or hip!) and they are relatively both the same height. Boy are size 30″ / 32″ waist, 36″/38″ chest (general size medium) again both similar heights.

It is important that week to week you fit on the same girls and boys. It is up to you as a class to find your models and make sure they are on time. Also discuss between you how you want to organise payment for them.


  • a spec, and drawing of your looks and garments
  • extra fabric
  • proposed final fabrics
  • notebook and camera
  • unpicker, fabric scissors etc

Be on time and have things pressed and ready before your fitting. Please also bring appropriate footwear for your models if there is particular heel height or mood you are going for (or ask the model to bring their own)

We have to work fast, so make sure the toiles are as final as they can be, with zips, closures finishing and facings. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO FIT BLOCKS. There is nothing stopping you have your own fit next week to check things so your feel more final and ready for when we fit together.

Good luck and keep working hard





April 11, 2016

3rd Years – The deadline for the Burberry competition is Wednesday 27th April at 10am. This must be handed in to Paul by this time for it to be considered for entry.


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