Yr 3 Group C- Wednesday

November 30, 2015

This week you have your contextual studies lecture on Wednesday morning which you should all go to. Fittings for group C will begin straight after this so please make your way to the studio for a prompt 11.30 start – Lee you will be fitting first.

Y2 Internship recap session

November 30, 2015


I will be having an internship session in G201 at 11am. We will be  covering how to apply for positions, what to include in your CV, where to look for positions etc etc. This is a builder session on what you have already done with Ivan. Bring your CV and possible places of where you want to go, we can put a plan forward.

See you there,


Power to all the studios

November 26, 2015

Dear all,

From now until Christmas break, the power will be available in all the studios at the times listed below;

Monday 8am-9pm

Tuesday 8am-9pm

Wednesday 8am-9pm

Thursday 9am-7pm

Friday 8am-9pm




November 25, 2015


Year 2

Please read the information below carefully:


All groups’ portfolio hand in will be on Friday 11th December 10am Room G201. There is a 30minute window to hand in. If you miss this window, it will be considered a late submission.

The format of your portfolio should be A3 landscape, and bound together. No plastic sleeves, or portfolio cases please.

The following is required in your portfolio:

  • Introduction to your muse
  • Research pages (and garment research!)
  • Design development & design work
  • 6 look line up (of chosen category) – coloured & fabric samples
  • 6 illustrations (of chosen category) coloured with specs and fabric samples
  • Samples (in a box or presented in a professional way)

Please bare in mind this is the MINIMUM submission requirement. We are expecting you to go above and beyond in your work.


Your garment hand in is at 2pm Room G201 on the day of the presentation which is on WEDNESDAY 16TH DECEMBER.  No extensions or excuses. The power will be off at 2pm. If your garments are not signed in and on the rail at 2pm you will not be showing! Your garments will be marked live on your muse by myself, Rasha and Liam Hodges at the presentation.  


Your marksheets and work can be collected on Friday 18th December at 10am, and you will all be briefed on your submission of your internship. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY – this is a formal briefing

Any questions email me or ask me ASAP



Year 1 Hand in date for the sewing/ pattern cutting book and the tech shirt

November 24, 2015

Dear 1st years,

It is about time I need to check on your tech book and shirt….


Hand-in date: Second week of December

What to hand in:

   Sewing book must contain the samples of:

  • Lines + Curves
  • Overlock
  • Interlining ( fused)
  • Cover-stitch
  • Single pointed darts + Double pointed darts
  • Seams (Plain, Welt, French and Flat felled seam)

   Pattern cutting book must contain:

  • Dart manipulations (1/4 tops)
  • Slash + Open (1/4 sleeves)
  • Draft of shirt collar and collar stand
  • Shirt pattern

   Tech shirt (buttonholes and buttons not necessary)

If you already have everything complete you can hand in to me prior to the date.

I look forward to it!




November 24, 2015


you have a forum tomorrow (Wed 25th November) with Paul and myself at 2pm room G201. EVERYONE TO ATTEND! SPREAD THE WORD! No excuses!


YEAR 2 -Next week commencing 23rd Nov

November 20, 2015

Year 2

Next week please bring in your research, development, drawings and portfolio ideas. I want to talk to you about layout, edit and how to put together your imagery and development in your portfolio.

Also I would like 1 illustration with colour from ALL OF YOU in your style so we can discuss how you are drawing and maybe what you can do to improve. Please bring all of this with you to next weeks design lesson – NO EXCUSES

IF YOU NEED A FIT IN THIS WEEK – bring in your model or try your garments on somebody!!! We can fit if you need to – especially if you have alot to change from your first fit.

See you next week…GET DRAWING


Yr 3 Important Dates

November 19, 2015

Please find below a list of Year 3 key dates for this year.

Week 1 5th-9th October Initial Research, Technique/Design, 5 Images
Week 6 9th-13th November Research and Design
Week 7 16th-20th November Fit 1
Week 8 23rd-27th November Fit 2
Week 9 30th-4th December Fit 3
Week 10 7th-11th December Shell Fit
Week 11 14th-18th December Garment Assessment
Week 12 11th–15th January Portfolio Assessment
Week 12 15th January CS Formative Submission

Week 16 8th – 12th February Interview Week – No Design Tutorials
8th March CS Final Submission
22nd April Internal Show

1st Year Forum Cancelled

November 19, 2015

The 1st Year forum is cancelled today as Bronwen is ill.

Forums Next Week

November 18, 2015

Next week 23rd-27th November is forum week! Please make sure you all attend on your forum day, this is a timetabled session where important information will be given.

Year 2 Wednesday 2pm G201
Year 3 Tuesday 3.30pm G214


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