Pre collection garments

June 29, 2015

If anyone has seen or knows of the whereabouts of Camila Holmes’s Pre-Collection garments please contact a tutor asap.

Missing items: a pair of trousers, a blouse, rucksack and pleated scarf

Please check your own work in case there has been a mix up.

Contextual Studies – Tutorials TODAY!!

June 26, 2015

Hi Everyone

There are still tutorial slots available for today – this is a valuable opportunity to discuss your feedback and for those of you who need it, prepare for resubmission.

Come along to the pods between 1pm and 4pm and we’ll be there waiting to talk with you.

Best wishes

Catherine, Emma, Basia & Neelam

Press Show Garment Collection

June 24, 2015

Hope you are all feeling a bit more relaxed now!

It’s that time to collect your final collections. We will be doing this over three days next week.

Fashion Design will need to see myself on Monday 29th June – Wednesday 1st July between 12-3pm to collect your garments and sign for them. They cannot be taken without seeing me first! If I’m not in G201, I will be around the studios/office. Please email me to let me know which day you will be collecting.

If garments and accessories are not collected by Wednesday 1st July, they will be binned!!! The studios must be completely clear by this date and we cannot hang on to things. If you are not able to collect yourself, please get a friend to do so for you, and let me know who this is.

See you next week!



June 19, 2015

Antipodium is looking for candidates for a summer internship!

Looking for a good all rounder, cutting and sewing experience – but will be taught on the job also! Based in East London over the summer months!

Get in touch with Kiran ASAP if interested. Spread the word. Email is:


Contextual Studies – Assessment Results & Feedback

June 19, 2015

Dear All

We hope that you are enjoying the summery weather.

This is a reminder that your results will be available from Monday 22nd June at 9am via your module page on MyLearning.  Please check these.

Many of your essays were of a high quality and we would like to congratulate you on your good work this year.

If you are required to resubmit or have a deferral, please book a tutorial slot for Friday 26th June with one of the team.  These tutorials will help you to prepare your work for August 21st.

We wish you a happy and exciting summer

Catherine, Neelam, Emma & Basia


June 15, 2015

Dear All

Just a reminder that term ends at on 26th June 2015.  Please note that there will be NO ACCESS to studios during the summer vacation.  This is a time where staff take a week deserved break, as well as machinery and facilities being maintained, refurbished and repaired for the forthcoming year.  Term begins again on 5th October 2015.

I hope you all have a lovely sumer break and return refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

Please keep checking the blog for updates and any summer projects, internships and competitions that may come up over the break.


DEEP CLEANING of the Studios

June 8, 2015

Firstly Congratulations on finishing the year! You all need to empty out your lockers and studios by June 10th (this Wednesday) as we can start the deep CLEAN.

If you are unable to pick up your work please let one of your teachers know, as all the remnants will be put in the BIN.

Happy Holidays and we will see you in the new year!



 Truman owned! come tomorrow !!!!!!

June 4, 2015

Lost Property from press show!!!

June 1, 2015

Hi all,

I have a bag of items which were left behind backstage after the press show. These will be in the office from Wednesday this week, so please come and claim them if you think they might be yours. The following were left behind:

Black mac

Tartan scarf

Grey tshirt

Pro markers

Black umbrella

Piles of makeup

Please pass the message on!


attention all first years.

June 1, 2015

hello all.

today is the official end of your internal internship,

for those of you that have been blogging consistently through out this process you should have nothing to worry about.

i will be reading these blogs over the next few days.

i have already assessed your generic fashion submissions And next week on the 10th and 11th i would like to see all of you individually for a 15 minute feedback session on your work.

please see bellow timetable

if you cant make your allotted time it is up to you to negotiate a trade with another student.

look forward to seeing you all


WEDNESDAY 10th june
Sakine Tosun 9:30am
Ramsha Kamal 9:45am
Elisabeth Collin 10:00am
(nicol) Ni 10:15am
(Jonas) Poon 10:30am
Denzil Mupfumo 10:45am
Sophia Rai 11:00am
Safia Mohammed 11:30am
Sophie Eddy 11:45am
Karol Cygan 12:00am
Elitsa Ivkova 12:15am
Rebecca-Hope Mukendi 12:30am
Vladislava Stoynova 12:45am
Arran Stephen 1:00pm
Rhiannon Barnes 1:15pm
Toyan Oriogun 1:30pm
Zavia Savva 1:45pm
THURSDAY 11th of june
Olivia Till 9:30am
Graciene Patricia Vieira Dos Espirito Santo 9:45am
Waseem Malik 10:00am
Sarah Brown 10:15am
Victoria Gordon 10:30am
Allyssandria Marie Camu Santiago 10:45am
Kathryn Casey-Burnett 11:00am
Alkaios Spyrou
Iuliana- Vinte 11:30am
Priyanka Bantawa 11:45am
Brigeina Gyamfi 12:00am
Morteza Ibrahimi Varzegani 12:15am
Aaisha Robinson 12:30am
Jessica Richardson 12:45am
Leticya D’ Sa Caponi 1:00pm
Sophia Pilmong Rai 1:15pm
Julia-Kristin Hauss 1:30pm
Nelma Lima 1:45pm
Astrid Owen-Foster 2:30pm
Tashan Ilene 2:45pm
Parirokh Mazhari Derouei 3:00pm
Yin Fong Hong 3:15pm
Marta Maria Pires Rodrigues Marques 3:30pm
Alyaa  Farhana Agus Salim 3:45pm
Heather Fitzgerald 4:00pm
Natasha Yarrow 4:15pm


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