New Year 2 Menswear FSH2300 Initial brief

August 12, 2015

New Year 2,

Please find a link to the initial brief for your menswear project in the new term. Those of you who came to the briefing you will have received this information already. Those who didn’t (and we know who you are); you missed vital information. You need to be turning up to your first design lesson with an idea of who your muse is and with all your initial research.

You will also be receiving your timetable in the coming weeks before term starts – so watch this space!

Looking forward to seeing you in the new term.


Initial FSH2300 Brief 2015



August 4, 2015

Dear All

This is a reminder that those of you who have Defferal work or resubmission work, the deadline for this is 21st August 2015.

Please ensure that work is submitted in time, ALL flat work MUST be submitted to UNIHELP. Any garments should be submitted to G201 – there will be a rail in there for you to HANG garments on.


those of you who are expected to resubmit work for FSH1900 should email with the link to you blog.

We look forward to seeing your work

Third Year Essay Proposal Feedback

July 30, 2015

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are all enjoying a lovely summer?

This is just to let you know that your essay proposal feedback is available on the second year MyLearning page, via the ‘Find your Essay Proposal Feedback HERE’ link.

When you come to your first session in October, please bring with you both this feedback and your second year essay feedback as these will make the basis for your early discussions.

We’re all off on our own holidays for the next few weeks, but will be reply to any queries towards the end of August.

Best wishes

Catherine, Emma, Neelam & Basia

Intern Needed!

July 22, 2015

Hi All! Hope you’re having a fab summer!!

I need a part time intern for the next couple of months! Working with me on a new project, mostly sewing, in my studio in Walthamstow. Travel paid and lovely lunches provided. A chance for a decent sewer to become a flippin’ brilliant one!! There’s also a chance for other skills to be honed, such as CAD and pattern cutting if you are interested in those. Email me on

Fairly flexible about days and times.

Bron :)


July 20, 2015

Dear New Year 2 and 3,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer break!

Here is your summer project brief. Please download the pdf document and read the information carefully.

Your requirements of this brief are as follows:

An A3 portfolio landscape – loose sheets bound or secured together including:

  • Research
  • Design development
  • Design Work
  • Sampling (in a box or photographed and used in development)
  • 6 look line up
  • 6 illustrations with fabric samples and specs

This portfolio should be completed to a high standard and used to create a book that consolidates your research and your thinking. You should be creating a narrative within your work to show your journey from your initial imagery and development to how this has influenced your design and sampling decisions. Always be pushing for the best of your ideas and remember you are designing beautiful, interesting and considered clothing. The inspiration and references page is just that – inspiration! Use these references as a starting point and grow your ideas from this. Be original!

This project is compulsory for both year 2 and 3 and will form part of your formative assessment for your autumn modules. Also please remember this is a a LIVE project – this is a competition run by Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) in which successful projects are put forward to show at LFW. We have over the years had successful winners of this competition winning up to £1000

This project will be due in on your first day back! A register will be taken of the hand in – NO EXCUSES

Please circulate this information to the rest of your classmates!

Good Luck, enjoy and explore!

Kiran & Paul x


Intern Intern Intern

July 10, 2015

renli su
Interns needed! We need a part time intern for the next collection. The work will be about research, design ( drawing and tech packs) and draping. If you are based in London and interested to our brand. Please email your CV to

Pre collection garments

June 29, 2015

If anyone has seen or knows of the whereabouts of Camila Holmes’s Pre-Collection garments please contact a tutor asap.

Missing items: a pair of trousers, a blouse, rucksack and pleated scarf

Please check your own work in case there has been a mix up.

Contextual Studies – Tutorials TODAY!!

June 26, 2015

Hi Everyone

There are still tutorial slots available for today – this is a valuable opportunity to discuss your feedback and for those of you who need it, prepare for resubmission.

Come along to the pods between 1pm and 4pm and we’ll be there waiting to talk with you.

Best wishes

Catherine, Emma, Basia & Neelam

Press Show Garment Collection

June 24, 2015

Hope you are all feeling a bit more relaxed now!

It’s that time to collect your final collections. We will be doing this over three days next week.

Fashion Design will need to see myself on Monday 29th June – Wednesday 1st July between 12-3pm to collect your garments and sign for them. They cannot be taken without seeing me first! If I’m not in G201, I will be around the studios/office. Please email me to let me know which day you will be collecting.

If garments and accessories are not collected by Wednesday 1st July, they will be binned!!! The studios must be completely clear by this date and we cannot hang on to things. If you are not able to collect yourself, please get a friend to do so for you, and let me know who this is.

See you next week!



June 19, 2015

Antipodium is looking for candidates for a summer internship!

Looking for a good all rounder, cutting and sewing experience – but will be taught on the job also! Based in East London over the summer months!

Get in touch with Kiran ASAP if interested. Spread the word. Email is:



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